Is It Too Late for You to Start Meditating? The Risks of Waiting

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It happened in slow motion. I was flying through the air. My motorcycle helmet skidded down the highway. I was a million miles from home. Studying on the other side of the world in Australia and living with two strangers in a foreign town. My roommate and I had an argument. There were red faces […]

Why You Are Struggling in Meditation & 10 Steps to Turn it Around

Struggling in meditation

Are you struggling in meditation? If you are, you’re not alone. It took me around 10 years meditating 2 hours every day before the balance shifted from chronic struggle to steady state meditation. Whether I was falling asleep, losing the plot, dulling out, or just plain forgetting why I was doing it to begin with, […]

How To Find Limitless Confidence Through Meditation

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I love meditating. I do it every day and practice a form of meditation called Free Awareness. I didn’t always love it though. I used to struggle with it all the time. Truth be told, I probably spent more time mastering ‘how to struggle’ than I did ‘how to meditate’. Maybe you can relate? Odds […]

How Do You Meditate: An Introduction to Free Awareness

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Recently I was deep in meditation practice, letting go of everything that passed across the screen of my consciousness. There were all sorts of very interesting things emerging in the fertile field of my awareness, but because I was meditating, I had resolved to let it all go. How Do You Meditate I practice a […]

13 Frequently Asked Questions On How to Meditate Properly

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If you have questions about meditation, you’re not alone–and you’ve come to the right place.  This FAQ will expand over time, so if you don’t see your question here (or don’t like our answer), please contact us. Q: I can’t sit longer than five minutes.  How do I sit still? A: As with anything else […]

How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying

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If you want to learn how to succeed in meditation, there’s a wide variety of techniques you can put into practice, meditation music you can listen to, and brainwave entrainment tools that can make accessing a state of deeper relaxation that much easier. But in the end, you may find that the meditative state is […]

Who Am I? The Key to Discovering Your Deepest Sense of Self

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You’ve probably heard about the common benefits of meditation, like gaining clarity, reducing stress, or calming an agitated mind.  But throughout history, spiritual practitioners, both East and West, have also practiced meditation for another reason: awakening to one’s deepest sense of self. Your Deepest Sense of Self You don’t have to be a yogi tucked […]

Monkey Mind: Should You Be Striving to Have No Thoughts in Meditation?

monkey mind

Should your mind be completely empty, blank, and silent when meditating, utterly devoid of all thoughts? This is one of the most common questions people ask about the practice of meditation, and the answer varies depending on who you ask. But the simple, honest answer is: No. Thoughts are as natural as breathing, and almost […]

Meditation Tips: 10 Simple Steps to Buddha Mind

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Do you want to meditate like the Buddha? First, let’s imagine what it was like to be him. You are sitting quietly at dusk under the boddhi tree, enjoying the pure peace of being. Nothing is wrong. Everything is right. The silence and stillness is so deep you can hear the bells of a temple […]